Monday, March 19, 2012

At last our adventure begins!

delighted to start this adventure with Benedicte and Ana! look forward to exchanging work, posting photos of what we do here and listening out for the clunk of the Moleskine hitting the floor underneath my letter box.


  1. Cheers to our moleskine exchange, Maureen and Ana!

  2. The same thing I wish you..;-D I'm very happy to belong concern to this group of exchange, I had liked that a good friend of mine was with us, but not if it's possible yet. The size of the Japanese notebook, it's the small one or the large one...¿?

    1. I am new at this AnA and only now see your question because you sent me an email!! Ben and I have both chosen the small one. we can exchange postal addresses via email and I will send you mine now